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WARNING: Improperly hand-loaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury. Hand loading should be done only by a competent adult, and only after proper instruction. Additionally, safety glasses should always be worn when loading firearms. Since hand-loading operations are beyond our control, we disclaim all liability for any damages that may result. 


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Welcome to, We specialize in Brass and Bullets for reloading handguns and rifles. We have been in business for over Five years. Please take the time to browse through our website secure on-line store. If you do no see the componet you are looking for custom orders are always available.

  All of our products are MFG in the USA

Purchase high-quality and affordable, reloading brass and bullets,  fired brass,Hunting bullets and ammo reloading supplies from our on-line store 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.  Affordable Brass &  will carry the most popular BRASS CASES AND BULLETS. Our Prices are affordable and you can order on line 24-7. 95% of all Orders ship within 3 business days from order date.

MFG's we supply: Starline, Rainier, Barnes, Remington, Winchester, Hornady


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Starline Brass Cases
500 S&W Mag, 45ACP,.45 Long Colt,44 mag brass, 10mm, 40 S&W,.357 mag brass, .38 SP, 9 mm brass, .380 Auto, 32 H&R Mag brass cartridges.


  Plated and Cast  Bullets:
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          Fired Cartridges:
Save money while still getting the quality of a brass cartridge with our fired cartridges. The cartridges are not tumbled and are packaged as mixed mfgs.

New Cartridges we supply:(  30-06, 458 Socom, 270 WIN,  243 WIN,  7MM-08,   45-70,  32-20, 500 S&W, 460S&W, 50 A&E, 454 Casull, 45 Long Colt,  45 Gap, 45acp, 44mag,  44sp., 41 Mag,10mm, 40S&W, 357 Mag, 357 Sig,.38 Super Comp, .38sp  38 super, 38super+P,9mm, 380 Auto,32 H&R, 32 S&W long)

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All our new Brass and Bullets are made in the U.S.A.

Brass Cases we supply (458 Socom, 30-06 Springfield,  270 WIN, 243 Win, 7MM-08, 223 Rem, 45-70, 32/20, 500 S&W, 460 S&W, 454 Casull, 50 A&E,m 45 Long Colt, 45ACP, 454 Casull,45acp, 45 Gap, 44mag, 44 sp., 41 Mag,10MM,  40S&W, 357 Mag, 357 Sig, 38sp.,  38super +P, 9mm, 380 Auto, 32 H&R, 32 S&W long )

These reloading supplies are priced to sell. Check out our Fired Brass Cases. Buy Reloading supplies that are in stock and ready to go. Our store sells products made in the United States of America. We will provide customer support and satisfaction with our products. Support the U.S.A. and always buy American products. 

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Purchase high-quality and affordable, reloading brass bullets, brass cartridges, brass ammo, and bullet cartridges  from our on-line store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.